Crystal Music Ball Flowery lamp, Colorfull Dandelion lamp , Christmas Gift, Children's Birthday Gift, Girlfriend's Gift, Student and Anniversary Ceremony

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Instructions for Keys:

1.Light Key

Long press to turn on the light, and the default is warm light mode. Short press the light to switch to colorful gradient mode, and then long press to turn off the light.

(For the color fixing function, please use the remote control.)

2.Blue Key

Long press to start up. After starting up, the defaultis to turn on Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, search the device name "QQ123". After the connection is completed,

short press to pause playback, and then long press to shut down.

Instructions for Indicators:

Power indicator: the red light is ON when charging, and the red light is OFF when fully charged. When the power is insufficient, the red indicator flashes and a voice reminder is given at the same time; When the detected battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, the Sound Box Lamp can not be started; After the red indicator flashes for 3 times (500 ms), the Sound Box Lamp will be shut down.

Bluetooth indicator light: the blue indicator light flashes after power on, and is always ON after Bluetooth is connected. 

Product Paramolers:

Product Name: Flowery Sound Box Lamp

Working Voltage:3,7V

Total Power:< 5W

Service Duration: about 8 hours

Battery Capacity: 800mAh

Product Size: 158.2 158.2 162.2mm

Net Weight of Product: 360g

Gross Weight of Product: 506g   

Accessories: Remote Control, Charging Line, Manual

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